Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Last Communist-- how stupid can they get?

The banning of Amir Muhammad's musical documentary The Last Communist or Lelaki Komunis Terakhir is certainly suprising but nonetheless a sad development for local cinema. Grounds given were that the movie was glorifying leaders of the Communist Party of Malaya(CPM), "protecting the best interest and feelings of Malaysians"-the lies these buggers come up with, since when did they ever do that?- and of course this year UMNO celebrates its 60th annivesary-wouldn't want a bunch of Commies spoiling the party would we?- However the reality is that CPM leader Chin Peng was only mentioned once, he was not shown in person save a carricature satirising the Baling Peace Talks. Interviews conducted were mainly with locals talking about present realities, their experiences etc, whats so provovative about that?

The sad truth is that the movie was judged based on hearsay, prejudice and plain ignorance. The entertainment editor of Berita Harian even had the audacity to claim that the Jan Vrijman Fund,the organisation that funded this production was actually an organisation that propagates and promotes communism worldwide!-total bollocks, truly the mind of an ignoramus and an intelectual bancrupt we're dealing with here-and then theres the Informatin Minister Zainuddin Maidin who says the younger generation does not appreciate ths struggles of the older generation in the fight against communism. He said "... it was we who fought the communist", I would just like to ask him this: what about the thousands of Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Gurkhas and Rhodesians? will they be offended? Its a known fact that they fought against the Communist too in the jungles of Malaya and suffered heavy casualties..have we even acknowledged their contributions? nah,i don't think so.

Germany is a country haunted by its Nazi past, the current generation is horrified of the atrocities commited by their countrymen during the second World War. Yet they come up with movies portraying war time Germany i.e Das Boot and Die Untergang- the latter portraying Hitler as a mere human with emotions and showing the softer side of him- to great acclaim from abroad. Didn't the English and other suffer in the hands of the Germans? They were not offended,in fact Das Boot was widely acclaimed to be one of the greatest submarine movies of all time. UMNO politicians and certain journalist have a lot of catching up to do in terms of intelectual ability, the ability to see first and then judge and stop blurting out absolute rubbish based on ignorance,hearsay and prejudice. In the end to the layman on the street, its they that look like total idiots. Finally to Amir Muhammad --keep up the good work mate, don't let stupidity to get in your way,its just how Bolehland is these days and it will be for a long time to come.


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malaysian said...

you they want to ban the movie , it will give an alternative view of others who fought for our independence

it will shake the view that only BN fought for our freedom , there are alot more other people who not all linked to UMNO / BN fought for our freedom

BN scared to lose the the tag as the only people who fought our freedom